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Group Riding 101

Let's just go ahead and admit it . . . riding bikes is fun! What's better is when we can share in that fun with others and experience an increased amount of performance without putting in the extra effort that would be required if we were riding solo. That's what group riding is all about . . . fun and higher performance!

We come to EPIC with varying degrees of fitness, commitment, and comfort levels. This section of the site is to help remind the veterans of proper group riding skills and etiquette (and maybe teach a principle or two that were missed in their years of riding), and give a bit of instruction to those who are new to group riding. There are many articles out there to help us all ride with an increased amount of safety. Below you will find a collection of articles and videos that will give you a crash course . . . maybe I shouldn't use that phrase . . . let's just say it'll give you a quick overview of the most common skills to add to your quiver of bike riding skills. If you come across something you think the team could benefit from . . . send it my way! ;)

Let's start with an article about making us all a bit safer . . . when we ride a bike we become a representative for all cyclists like it or not. I like the way this article (and I've heard quite a few of these principles from Jim K.) articulates how we can make it safer out there for everyone. Check it out here.

Now for some videos . . . 

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