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2024 SEASON Production RUN



EPIC Membership Details

2023 Season Program

In addition to team benefits, being a part of EPIC means participating in a larger win-win value equation with sponsors that drives the success of those relationships, and that helps make our team thrive.


Sponsors participate to be represented by team riders who are wearing the current-season’s kit design. Therefore the basics are a minimum—a sponsored jersey top and bottom need to be ordered each season.

To become a member of EPIC you simply purchase:

  • Any qualifying short-sleeve jersey

  • Any qualifying bottom

       (Skin Suit counts as both)

  • $35 EPIC Yearly Membership Fee


For the 2023 season the team membership fee will cover the ~$12 that is typically charged for shipment/delivery of orders.


​​2023 Qualifying Jerseys

(i.e Jerseys that have all sponsors represented)

They are (subject to change):

  • RACE DAY jersey, any design

  • WOMEN'S QOM jersey, any design

  • BIO FIT jersey, any design


2023 Qualifying Bottoms include:

(subject to change)

  • PRO PELETON bib short

  • WOMEN'S QOM bib short

  • GRAVEL bib short


2023 Qualifying Suits (counts as both top and bottom) include:

(subject to change)

  • Short-sleeve or long-sleeve Solo Suits in any design

Availability of the Complete 2023 Lineup

Our first team order for 2023 will be in January and will offer a broader selection of seasonal kit, including warmer options for fall/winter/spring riding. Delivery is expected to be March.

​​Look good, feel good.

Feel good, BOOM!

Sponsor – Team Relationship

If you're new to riding with a sponsored team, here is some context.

We as team members buy a sponsored kit each year. In exchange, we receive benefits for wearing it as an ambassador for the team and our sponsors--riding through the season, participating in races and events, etc.

Each season EPIC team members receive benefits related to the sponsors we work with. Some benefits are indirect, such as resources that cover team expenses and team-wide initiatives. Others are direct, such as discounts or other programs that benefit members individually.

The kits themselves are a sweet-spot value on their own: custom-designed, hand-made in Italy, fine Italian fabrics, pro-level chamois and battle-tested by everything we've all thrown at them. They are a critical component of a great season.


In addition to other sponsor perks, EPIC's relationship with Al’s Cyclery (and by extension Al’s Sporting Goods) provides a benefit that on its own that typically recoups each team member’s kit cost.

  • Exclusively, EPIC team members enjoy Al’s highest discount pricing tier—one not available to the public—when special-ordering items, i.e. trainers, bikes, parts, helmets, etc. This benefit is available via managers at Al's Cyclery bike shop in the Orem location.

  • EPIC team members also receive a VIP EPIC membership discount on the broad line of sporting goods and brands that are in-stock at stores in Orem and Logan, as well as online at Once you're set up as a team member, when you log into the site you see your special pricing instantly. When in-store, employees look you up when you are checking out at the point-of-sale, and will apply the discount then.

  • Many team members have reported covering the cost of their kit in one purchase or during one Christmas shopping trip.

Collective Efforts

In addition to sponsor perks, the other benefits each team member enjoys is the value created by 100s of hours of donated labor and the many efforts of team members, particularly the leadership team, AKA  "EPIC Founders" and “EPIC Jefes.” And this often includes family members of the team who also assist and support us. No one on the team profits or is paid to provide their time. We do it because we are passionate about the sport, and because we love to ride and train as a team.

Similarly, for those joining the team, the expectation and hope from all of us, your new teammates, is that you will also pitch in and help at every opportunity.

Simply put, EPIC thrives because it runs on

  1. Generous efforts from team leaders, team members, family and friends.

  2. Awesome sponsor and partner benefits and resources.

  3. Massive amounts of carbs and electrolytes!

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2023 RACE

EPIC_Raceday Front SM High Res.png

2022-23 HAKA

EPIC_Raceday_Front BLW High Res.png

2022-23 VELO

haks 2020 final v2 front.png

2020-21 HAKA

velo 2020 final v2 front.png

2020-21 VELO

EPIC 2020 Race Front Clean - web.png

2020-21 RACE

2019 HAKA Jersey Design - EPIC Cycling Team

2019 HAKA

2019 VELO Jersey Design - EPIC Cycling Team

2019 VELO

2018 EPIC Jersey Design - EPIC Cycling Team

2018 EPIC

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