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EPIC's Mission:

'More People on Bikes'



  • Consistent, well-organized group rides and events every Saturday morning from late March through October.

  • EPIC sponsor-provided team discounts. We have awesome sponsors--if you're only about the math, these easily cover the purchase of annual team kit, in most cases multiple times over

  • Impeccably-designed EPIC kit and gear, handmade in Italy with pro-level performance fabrics and materials

  • Targeted events with team support and collaboration, including for travel-events such as LOTOJA the Tour of St. George

  • Experienced leadership group, passionate about the sport, rider development and safety

  • Assistance with travel logistics and coordination for events, occasional day-before spins and meet-ups for dinner, as well as an abundance of insider tips and advice.

  • Enthusiastic support and leadership for women riders, including ladies-only training rides and targeted women-only events, including Little Red and Goldilocks

  • Ride plans that maximize team-building and accommodate varying levels of riders (i.e. one large group starts, three groups finish)

  • Enthusiastic adoption of game-changing smart trainers and virtual riding, including a growing collective experience to help support new virtual riders on their way to glitch-free, year-round riding, group training and racing

  • Frequent team discount opportunities for event registration, and priority entry for popular or sold-out events

  • Other discount opportunities, including for lodging, food, activities

  • Awesome team culture, and ad-hoc team-generated ride opportunities for both MTB and Road

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more people on bikes

As team members we are connected by a lot, but common in every case is a deep love and passion for this sport. WE SIMPLY LOVE TO RIDE.

When we count up how many Saturday mornings we think we might have from now ‘til we kick it, we try to figure out how to make as many of those as possible filled with velo adventure, personal breakthroughs and amazing friends-and-family riders.

We've tried lots of stuff, and this is just better. We're better. Life is better.

And wouldn't the world be an entirely different place if every able-bodied person on the planet just rode a bike 20 miles a day?

  • Everyone would have that post-ride glow, right?

  • No fighting. Global mental health gains overnight. World Peace.


That’s EPIC's simple and clear mission. With all the velo happiness, health, wellness, social, community and economic benefits that cascade from doing that safely, with great support from an experienced team.

We are genuinely passionate about riding and contributing to a thriving cycling community—building value for those who ride, and collaborating with sponsors, other teams and clubs, event producers and anyone else who cares about, and is working either directly or indirectly on these same objectives.


We’re also not big fans of the status quo.

And breakthroughs require "break-withs" from the past. We don’t care where you are, and even less about

Epic Cycing Team logo square color red white. EPIC Cycling Team organizes road and mountain bike group rides for Utah team members based in Salt Lake and Utah Counties, and virtual cycling at Zwift.

where you’ve been. Especially if it was so good that it's stifling and smothering your riding THIS season. Forget all that guilt and shame and pressure. Nobody cares.

What we do care about and know, is that life changes for the better when you go out and ride. Especially if it includes punching a big hole in your comfort zone every Saturday--"con queso" as we affectionately call it


We have team members that race, push and podium. It's awesome. Others who are building a great big stash of QOMs/KOMs. The rest of us are in awe, and inspired.

What EPIC team members value most though is PRs. This year. Doing YOUR personal best, NOW. Safely pushing limits. Seeing riders get their individual breakthroughs, no matter what level they're at.

  • Mileage and distances creeping up

  • Gains in average speeds

  • Consistently improving in-year PRs

  • Thundering up mountain climbs that used to crush you.

  • Routinely doing things with your fitness, in YOUR circumstance, that you never thought possible.


It's like kaizen, the Japanese word for continuous improvement, but with some oomph.


Kaizen con queso  :)

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