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Feel Good, BOOM!




The team is launching an EPIC third production run due to demand.

The buying window opened late May and will close Monday June 18. Early Tuesday the 19th we'll then send the order to production in Italy so kits are produced and back to everyone as soon as possible.


​Click the red "GO TO STORE >>" button and when you get to DNA Cycling's EPIC Team Store, you'll see we're focusing on on just the essential SKUs for this run:

   - EPIC Biofit Jersey

   - EPIC Elite Bibs

   - Red "Sock Doping" version of the EPIC Socks (limited inventory available; standard-issue Blue is sold out). A reported 2% performance gain with the red version of the socks alone, higher when wearing one red and one blue. :)


By purchasing the EPIC bibs and Jersey, which are passed through at the team's cost, first and foremost you're getting an extraordinary kit with an extraordinary team, including all the benefits listed on the Why EPIC? page of this site. In addition, it might be helpful to understand that you're participating fully in the win-win value equation with EPIC sponsors, becoming an ambassador for them in the community and at events, as well as an ambassador for the sport. All sponsors share an affinity and alignment, at least in part, with EPIC's mission. And that is simply: "More people on bikes." Several of our sponsors are also active EPIC team members and leaders. The kit typically provides a 100% return-on-investment, in that EPIC discounts at sponsors quickly cover the cost, including the following:

  • Employee-level pricing on all products at AL'S SPORTING GOODS & AL'S CYCLERY (discounted up to 40% both in-store and online @

  • FEZZARI Bicycle - EPIC-only discounts for both products and services, which are in addition to their high-value, direct-to-consumer model that passes distribution channel savings on to customers.

  • SKRATCH Labs - EPIC discounts of more than 50% off most items in their lineup of "real-ingredients, nothing artificial" hydration, energy and recovery products. You can replenish your stock and order anytime via a special online portal per EPIC's partnership with Skratch.

  • PLAN7 Endurance Coaching - 20-30% discounts on bike fits, coaching and nutrition services.

  • MORE, including discounts on hotels and lodging for events, discounts on event entries, a team structure for race entry that is maintained nationally with USA Cycling and locally with the Utah Cycling Association and guaranteed access to hard-to-get-into events.

  • TIME & TALENTS - You also fully benefit from the fruit of hundreds of hours of collective donated labor from an experienced leadership group and fellow team members. These include current and past members of coaching staffs, a college-level instructor, former tour guide, experienced ride organizers and ride leaders, and riders with exceptionally high lifetime mileage and experience, who all actively ride with the team and are passionate about the sport.

Front view of 2018 Cycling Kit Jersey Design, DNA Cycling Biofit, for EPIC Cycling Team. Epic organizes road and mountain bike group rides for Utah team members based in Salt Lake and Utah Counties, and virtual cycling at Zwift.



The founding team members did not take the design of this brand and kit lightly. We wanted to bring something new to the table. Create value.


We began with mission and brand attribute discussions, along with logo exploration and brand element experimentation, with many early team members weighing in, and providing feedback and ideas. Then later we kept pushing further with with help from EPIC partner DNA Cycling and their design team, dialing in endless details.



Surrounded by high-performance fabrics, sleek modern fonts and hyper-engineered bikes and cycling-tech, the hint of tribal patterns and themes provide a grounding contrast. They bring a spirit of adventure. And fun. Of new horizons and the freedom we feel when exploring them. The symbols also create a feeling of roots. Of timelessness. Of universal meaning and truths that remain quietly unaffected by the latest drive-train and wheel-set innovations. These elements also remind us that we excel in this sport by working with each other, as a tribe, toward simple, shared goals. We roll in packs and pace-lines and peletons. We connect and trust and band together. And in the process of "suffering gloriously" and completing our missions and conquests together--ones that normal mortals would have abandoned hours before--deep bonds and camaraderie develop.


We spent a LOT of time on color. The luminescence of screens versus the medium of fabrics are worlds apart. Think you have the perfect shade of red? Well when you print that shade on this particular fabric, and put it next to these other three colors on that fabric, it just doesn't work. Looks dull and lifeless. But with DNA's help we nailed the all important accent red. Check.


And black. Wow. This is sacred ground in cycling. Walk very carefully. Black is classic, yes, but let's face it. It's currently, umm...going through a phase? Has put on a few pounds? Meanwhile dark navy is white-hot. Where has it been all this time? Has it been working out? It goes with most everything black does, including modesty where it counts, but with more charm and vibrance. Life. We spent a great deal of time getting the right complementary oceanic blues into all the patterns, gradients and translucent effects that are layered on top of the navy. Together these are meant to be a direct, striking contrast to the desert landscapes we often ride in, evoking the idea of a torrent of rushing water piercing through the sand and rock and mountains. "Be like water," Bruce Lee famously said. I like to imagine he thought of that line while ripping out one of his 45-minute, high-intensity stationary bike sessions (early Zwift beta-testing?)

Bruce Lee 'Zwifting.'
Be like water!

And finally, the creamy goodness of that Italian Celeste green. It translates perfectly from screen to fabric. It's endlessly changing with the light of the day, and no photo I've seen captures the experience of looking at it first-hand, in-person. Somehow in real-life your retina just finds the experience highly-engaging and seductive. It's also a nod to Bianchi, and to the spiritual roots of our sport. Along with the whites and blues, together in the these proportions, the color-stack aligns closely to the profile of surf and waves and rushing water.

We hope you can tell from some of this insight that we've thought about this a bit and feel it was time well-invested. We realize that sponsors put their brand on these kits, conveying their endorsement and partnership. and there's a sense of responsibility when we remember that each of us makes a very personal decision to wear it while doing one of things we love in life, and that we tend to be highly passionate about.



The kit may or may not instantly improve your times by more than ten percent as has been claimed by some. That will require some further testing and debate, and we've been advised to stop guaranteeing those gains.

But at the very least we hope that when we're out rolling in the pack at events, and you're looking around at your fellow teammates relative to the general kit landscape, that you'll smile with the knowledge that those 10 percent gains ARE in fact incredibly real. And that these people around you have no idea how much pain they will experience when trying in vain to catch you and your teammates on that last mile.

The KIT is LIT - you WILL go faster  :)

Front and back views of the 2018 Cycling Kit Bibs Design, DNA Cycling Elite Bibs, for EPIC Cycling Team. Epic organizes road and mountain bike group rides for Utah team members based in Salt Lake and Utah Counties, and virtual cycling at Zwift.
A lady rider with EPIC Cycling Team. EPIC provides enthusiastically support and leadership for women riders, including ladies-only training rides and targeted women-only events such as Little Red and Goldilocks. his Biofit jersey and Elite bibs are custom-made in Italy by EPIC's partner, Utah-based DNA Cycling. EPIC Cycling Team organizes road and mountain bike group rides for Utah team members based in Salt Lake and Utah Counties, and virtual cycling at Zwift.
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