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Highly-relevant information and training--both linked and team generated--that will grow over time. This is go-to resource for cyclists and team members to help them get better/faster results, reduce risks, and enjoy the ride even more. We tackle the topics that are especially confusing, where there are many voices and opinions, and gather up the team's collective wisdom on what works, what doesn't, what's important, what isn't.  You've now got instant access to the best insights and advice related to skills, training, safety and nutrition.


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Group Riding Insights and Best Practices

Other Planned Topics Include:

  • What You Need to Know About

Climbing and Descending in Utah

  • Intensity, Pace and Zones

  • Top Risks and How to Minimize or Eliminate Them

  • Routes and On-Bike Navigation

  • Smart Trainer Hardware

  • Smart Training Software Experiences




EPIC U will also include in-person learning opportunities such as on-bike clinics and other learning settings where we'll hear from guests, sponsors and team members who have particular expertise on topics of interest and importance to EPIC team members.

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